Safe and Sound

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much to all of you who prayed for me and my family during the fires.

We all made it without having to evacuate and I’m so grateful. My parents’ (and grandparents’) neighborhood was under official evacuation, but my dad chose to stay behind because of several reasons (looters, the fact that their house is surrounded by other houses instead of being directly in front of/backing up to the hills, etc). We brought their cat and bird over here, and within hours, realized that the fire was headed in our direction. I couldn’t believe it!

Many of the neighborhoods directly East of us were evacuated, but our neighborhood wasn’t. There was a time where we could see horrible flames from our back door, but the wind kept pushing the fire West, not South, and we were spared. We were able to sleep at home in our own beds, although Ryan said he slept fitfully, especially because our whole house smelled like smoke.

In the morning, we found out that although the fire had continued West through the night, the fire department had closed off all of our neighborhoods. My parents’ was still closed, ours was closed – everything was closed (except for the main roads). We wanted to get breakfast at a local restaurant that we often walk to, so we headed down the street and spoke with the policeman. He said that technically, he couldn’t let us back in, even on foot. But, if he “didn’t see us,” we could come back. Thankfully, we were able to make it back in without being spotted, but they didn’t officially open the neighborhoods until that evening.

I am not sure if the fire has been completely contained at this point, but I can’t see smoke in the sky anymore. There is ash everywhere and it still smells smokey outside, but we haven’t heard sirens all day.

What a weekend! I just wanted to make sure you all knew that we’re safe. Again, I’m so thankful for your prayers – it was a close call, but the Lord was faithful to protect us!



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2 responses to “Safe and Sound

  1. Glad you are all okay!

  2. I haven’t checked your blog until today. I had no idea this was going on. I’m so glad the Lord was merciful and y’all were spared. Praise the Lord!

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