Update on the Fire

Well, the fire missed my parents’ and grandparents’ house, thank the Lord. However, since then, it has traveled West and now, is less than a mile from our apartment. In fact, I can see it from my back door.

Many homes in my parents’ neighborhood burned down, including a recent community-funded and -built park and the park attached to the elementary school. They still aren’t allowing anyone into that neighborhood, but my dad stayed put, so he’s fine at home. It’s just unfortunate because we can’t get to him to give him their bird and cat, or stay with him, now that we’re in danger here.

We’ve packed all of Ryan’s music gear, my wedding dress, some memory boxes, photos, sewing machine, computer, and clothing. I still need to grab our wedding albums and a couple of things from the garage, but Ryan has been busy hosing down the roof and tree out front, in case of flying embers. I am amazed at how long it takes to gather the important things!

Many families have been evacuated in our area, but the police haven’t come this far West yet. I imagine they will. I really just want to go to my parents’ house, but I don’t think they’ll open the area any time soon, even if the threat of fire is gone now over there.

The winds are still blowing. If you’re praying, please pray for the winds to calm, for containment of the fires, and for the safety of the people. We have a lot of family friends around here – I grew up in this city and I am amazed to hear how many have been told to leave their homes. I grew up playing in those homes. The thought of them burning is devastating.

Thanks so, so much for your prayers – I’ll try to get another update out if anything changes.


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  1. TF

    I am praying right now, stay safe 🙂

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