Hello, Second Trimester!

I can’t believe I’ve already entered into the second trimester! Today, I’m 14 weeks pregnant, and my baby is roughly the size of a lemon! In the beginning of this pregnancy, I read BabyCenter’s weekly pregnancy update and tried to take a photo with the fruit or vegetable they compared the baby to that week (size-wise). I started with a lentil, then a blueberry, then a grape…and slowly but surely, they started mentioning fruits or veggies that I didn’t have in the house. This week, I threw out a bunch of lemons (because they were hardening and getting dried out), and of course, today, I really wish I’d saved one! Oh well. I’ll try to get back on track soon.

I’ve been quietly searching for wisdom regarding the transition from one to two children. I know some people (personally and through blogs) who are either pregnant with their second or have just recently given birth to their second, and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been taking serious mental notes. I’ve also been paying close attention to women with several children. My hope is that we’re blessed with many – but right now, I know I’m not even close to prepared for many children. Thank the Lord he mostly gives them one at a time! πŸ™‚ I know I have a lot of growing to do – especially because I’m a very relaxed, somewhat lazy person by nature. I’ve had to fight to change this, but if I’m not careful, I can easily fall back into my old ways.

I can’t say I’ve definitely figured a whole lot out – but I think the Lord spoke to me regarding one specific issue – homekeeping. I have always had good intentions, it’s just that sometimes, I let the work get away from me. I feel very stressed in a messy environment, but I am one of those people who needs to do everything or nothing. If my bathrooms need to be cleaned, I must clean them both at the same time – not one today and one tomorrow. It just doesn’t work that way! Because of this, I can either be very productive or, my house can become a frightful mess. It just depends on where my heart is at.

As I was searching for advice and ideas for handling the one-to-two transition, it occurred to me that the biggest issue for me would likely be homekeeping. I’m not worried about sharing the love. I’m not concerned about Jack’s reaction to a sibling and I’m not nervous about tending to a newborn’s needs while my toddler needs me, too – at least, not yet. Right now, I am more aware of the fact that my home could become a disaster. This wouldn’t be a big deal if I knew it wouldn’t last forever, but since I am the kind of person who needs constant routine in order to keep herself active – well, I see it as an opportunity to resist falling back into laziness.

Some of you might think, “Give yourself a break! You’ll be having a baby!” I do intend to give myself a break – absolutely. But, I find it equally important that I settle myself into a very precise routine now, in order to ensure that I can easily adjust back into that routine (slightly altered by the presence of a new baby) as soon as I am able.

When I had Jack, it was as if my whole life fell apart. Jack was amazing and Ryan and I were so glad to be parents, but I had no idea how to handle a baby and a house. I didn’t even really know how to handle a house! We went months with piles of laundry, dirty floors, dirty dishes, and a dirty toilet before I finally got a handle on myself (it’s embarrassing to admit). I’m convinced that it was neither healthy nor excusable, and I’m not willing to make that mistake again.

It hasn’t been easy. I’m tired. I’m pregnant. The last thing I want to do is vacuum on a regular basis, clean my bathrooms often, wipe down a greasy stovetop every other day, and constantly unload and load the dishwasher, along with my three regular laundry days full of washing, drying, and folding or hanging up, and occasionally washing and lanolizing wool soakers. At least – it’s the last thing I want to do when I open my eyes first thing in the morning. I’ve found, though, that as I’ve established a regular routine of breakfast, devotions and planning my day – the Lord supplies me with the strength and energy to complete every task – he even gives me joy in it all! The difference is amazing – whereas before, I would squeeze time with him in after Jack was down for a nap, the Lord is now my priority and I honestly don’t think I could do this without that regular, peaceful quiet time in the morning.

Over the last few months, as I’ve surveyed my progress and taken note of the peace a clean, orderly home brings, I am then full of joy to do it over again. I firmly believe that mothers belong at home with their children, where they can model a godly role as wife, mother, and keeper of the home – and if that’s what we’re called to, I find it completely valid to expect that we should be able to find joy in those circumstances! As I discover more about who God has called me to be, my biggest prayer is that he will continue to give me strength as he causes our family to multiply. I don’t want to be a frazzled, out-of-control mama. I don’t think I have to be, either!

And that’s what I’ve learned so far. πŸ™‚



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5 responses to “Hello, Second Trimester!

  1. Amy

    Just wanted to say hi. I found your blog via large family mothering, and have been greatly impressed by what I see so far. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I must say I laughed when you said Thank the Lord He mostly gives them one at a time because with my last pregnancy my husband was telling a co-worker how we hoped for many more children, but we would just take it one at a time, and the next day we found out we were having twins! Anyway, always glad to find more young, like-minded mamas.

  2. birthhappy

    Very practical! It’s good to get a handle on things now. You’ll be so glad. I struggle so much with keeping to a routine with the house. And with staying joyful. They are both things I constantly start over again. Good post. πŸ™‚

  3. Wow, it’s so interesting to hear you were once “lazy.” That whole snippet sounded like you were talking about me! I am so bad to put off jobs because I can’t do the whole thing at once. It’s like, hmm, this toilet is getting dirty, but if I clean that I’ll have to scrub the sink and mop the floor, so maybe I’ll just wait. And a messy house just sends me into a tailspin, but once it gets bad enough it’s like I don’t know what to do first to fix it. I think the Love Dare may be helping though.

  4. Rissa, it is so true about God bringing you the strength for each child as you need it. I’m now the mother of four (!) and I can see the hand of God as each new life was given to us. When my first was born, I wouldn’t have been able to handle two. When my second was born, I wasn’t ready to handle three…But God gave me the wisdom and patience that I needed WHEN I needed it.

  5. I thought you were talking about me too! I have a tendency as well of being lazy. But here lately the Lord has given me grace to realize that dirty clothes, dishes, and bathrooms mean that there is a family here. There’s a little one that messes up almost everything I fix. But these are great blessings, so you’re right, we should take joy in these things! Thanks for the encouragement to keep going!

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