Dreams Really Do Come True

Last night, after waking up in the middle of the night (oh, hormones), I went back to sleep and had one of the most peaceful, comforting dreams.

I was in labor. I was at home (although, home was a mix of my current apartment and my childhood home), and there was no midwife or birth attendant. I was only in active labor for under two hours, and I pushed twice before my baby came out. It was easy and although I experienced some pain, it was more like pressure instead of true pain. As he was born, there was very little mess and it was so straight forward. It was a boy – as I held him, I noticed he had very light hair. When he dried, his hair was fuzzy and adorable. His complexion was beautifully pink and he was perfectly plump. I wrapped him in a blue blanket and we just couldn’t believe how amazing the whole experience was, as well as how gorgeous our son was.

I awoke feeling incredibly relaxed and grateful. How funny that I actually felt grateful, even after I realized it was only a dream! I put my hand to my still undeveloped belly, and just rested it there as I replayed the dream in my head, over and over again. I waited until later this afternoon to tell Ryan about it – for most of the day, I just enjoyed the vivid scenes as I daydreamed about it. It was like a gift and it felt good to keep it to myself for a while. After I told Ryan, he was encouraged, too. I feel excited and reassured – and you know, I feel like I was actually able to connect with this pregnancy today. I may be only just shy of 7 weeks pregnant, but I truly have been struggling with the reality of it all, especially in the throes of all this nausea. I needed a little help.

Ahh. What a good dream.



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2 responses to “Dreams Really Do Come True

  1. I had a lot of dreams when I was pregnant, but mine were just weird. I dreamed we saw a huge foot in Suzi’s first ultrasound and that I said “oh look! The baby has mommy’s feet!” Later I dreamed I gave birth to a kitten. But your dream sounds wonderful and detailed too! Hopefully it will all happen just like that!

    It is an amber teething necklace Suzi is wearing (thanks for noticing!), but it’s from amberteething, a seller on eBay from Lithuania. I didn’t notice the location when I ordered, so I kept wondering why it was taking so long to get here! I actually bought a mother-baby set, so we have matching necklaces. I think it may be helping with the teething a little, but mostly they are pretty 🙂 Does Jack have one? Sometimes Suzi will throw a fit and I don’t know if it was brought on by teething or if it’s something else.

  2. Hi, Rissa! Glad you are starting to connect with your pregnancy…it can be really hard at the beginning when you don’t look pregnant and just feel crummy.

    You should come visit my blog this week and next. Since I’m due to give birth in the next 3-4 weeks, I’m talking about my previous 3 pregnancies and births. My philosophy and experiences sure changed over the few years since I had my son. from-my-life.blogspot.com

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