Today Will Be

Today will be a good day. Today is a day to give thanks. It is a day of quiet reflection; it is a day of rest for my soul. As I go about my daily tasks – as I deal with diapers, as I cut up pieces of cheese for a tiny mouth to chew, as I fold laundry, as I clean up Cheerios from under the coffee table, as I dust the surfaces of my tables and counters – He will meet me there. I will tell Him about my concerns and He will calm my heart. I will share with Him my excitement and He will delight in the joy I’ve found through Him. I will rest in His favor and protection and He will be glorified.

I live, love, serve, clean, cook, fold, listen, create, find joy, and sing because of Him. I seek Him – but He sought me first. I know Him – but He knew me first.

Today will be a good day. I am loved by the One who is Love. Today is a day to give great thanks.


Oh how strong the power of Jesus’ name! 
It is stronger than any other name 
How sweet the vict’ry that bore my shame 
took the burden of my sin away 

Hallelujah! What a savior! 
I owe everything to Him 
Hallelujah what a savior 
Hallelujah to my King 

Oh how great the kindness our God has shown 
We were strangers, now we’re called His own 
His grace has welcomed the sinner home 
Tender mercies, lead us to The Throne 

Hallelujah! Hallelujah to my King! 

Oh what peace the Spirit of Jesus brings 
through the trials He will carry me 
One day, in Heaven, our eyes will meet 
Filled with wonder, all the saints will sing 

Hallelujah to my King, hallelujah to my King


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