13 months is the new 2

Well….I’m pretty much convinced that my 13-month-old has just turned 2 on me. At this point, I’m literally dealing with fall-on-the-floor-screaming-hitting-and-rolling-all-over-the-place tantrums. If I tell him no, he actually smacks me as hard as he can while screaming in a terrible, gutteral (is that a word?) sounding screech. These things happen for a number of reasons, but for example, I may have told him he cannot bite into a huge wax candle, he can’t eat my serving of food when he’s already eaten what’s equal to practically three adult servings of his own food, or he can’t chew on a rock. Or, maybe his sippy cup ran out of water. Or, I dared to walk away from him to put a dish in the dishwasher. He is still such a joy in my life – but I have to admit that I’m a bit stumped on how to handle these outbursts. For the most part, I just let him throw his tantrum while maintaining that he cannot have/eat/do the thing he wanted. I’m not sure what else I can do.

The happy news is that he’s getting better and better at walking! I love watching him as he tries to keep his balance. It’s amazing to witness such an important time of growth. Most everyone learns to walk – but it feels like such a miracle when I watch my son take a couple of steps, wobble, put his hands out to steady himself, and continue to walk. I marvel at his commitment despite how many times he falls. What a cool thing!

Oh, and I promised I’d let you know how dinner turned out last night. It can be summed up in one simple word: scrumtrulescent. No, just kidding. How about AMAZING? It was delicious. It was perfect. We loved it. Ryan was skeptical because it was labeled a “vegan” dish, but oooh he liked it. I heartily recommend that you try that recipe (see below). It’s insanely good.



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7 responses to “13 months is the new 2

  1. Yes, one of my rules is “don’t chew on anything harder than your teeth.” Suzi is a rock lover too though. She’s been doing a similar terrible 14 months routine, in which she hates for me to walk away from her. If I don’t sit in the floor while she plays or hold her and walk around, she lets loose an ear-splitting cackle-cry that makes my skin crawl. It does make it hard to get chores done.

  2. Contrary to popular opinion, I think the age of 1 is actually harder than the age of 2! My third will turn 2 next week and we are definitely moving OUT of the hard stage. If you train children when they are young, you save yourself a lot of trouble in the long run. Good news (if you can get through it now!). πŸ™‚

  3. My middle child is three now.. but he was a VERY active kid.. and by active.. I mean… well, he drove me NUTS all the time. He talked sooner, crawled sooner, got into things sooner. I didn’t have to babyproof much with my first child.. and then came the second. So far, my third isn’t interested in getting into trouble.

    Anyway, middle child (Nolyn is his name) requires a lot of attention and discipline. I have to be VERY strict with him, and if I let one thing slide, then we’re back to square one. I think this is what Dr. Dobson was talking about when he wrote “the Strong-Willed child”.

  4. You see the problem is my child is not due till December, and the more I read of this stuff the more scared I get. I say to myself (in a manly manner) surely we wont have temper tantrums! I will just explain its not acceptable behaviour, and that that will be that…yet some part of me suspects it is unavoidable…

  5. Lindsey

    Eli is doing the EXACT same thing! But he is so close to talking and actually tells me “No. No.” He is just testing my boundaries as his parent to see if I am going to be consistent in the rules set (the things he is NOT allowed to play with, for instance, toilet water…SICK! He can lift the lid now…UGH!). But, I just keep telling myself that it’s hard now but will be easier the older he gets because I will have fought the battle now! And, he already gets discipline. He knowingly goes and touches things or gets into cabinets that he is not allowed to get into. So he gets a swat on his little thigh. I tell him no and take him to something different, he goes right back. I do this AT LEAST 20 times a day. It’s hard, but worth it. Hang in there! πŸ™‚ It’ll be worth it in the end! You won’t have the bratty 2 year old because you are standing your ground now!

  6. My son is 13 months on the 20th and I know what you’re talking about. The thing that has helped us though is NOT to ignore his tantrums but to deal with them. Let him know that it’s NOT acceptable to react this way when mommy/daddy tell him something. And along with Lindsey, a little swat is what is necessary. The proverbs tell us “not to withhold discipline from a child, if you punish him with the rod he will not die” Proverbs 23 and in 29 says that the rod imparts wisdom. It’s hard and you have to be consistent especially at this age because they’re learning boundaries. But the neat thing is, is that children love boundaries, it shows them their loved! Even if at the moment discipline is unpleasant (for both parties:). Hang in there… and remember you’re not alone!

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