Sickness Crept In

Unfortunately, Sickness has crept into our home without so much as a phone call to let us know he would be arriving soon. I really do hate it when he shows up unannounced like that. It’s quite rude, actually!

He reared his ugly head yesterday morning while Jack was playing. It occurred to me that Jack had been sneezing every few minutes, so I turned to look at his face – and lo and behold, there it was – a thick, clouded glob of snot clinging to Jack’s upper lip. Gross! I spent the rest of the day wiping his nose and trying to comfort him when he randomly cried out in pain at several different times during the day. The most unfortunate thing, I think, about being sick as an almost-toddler is their inability to communicate exactly what they feel. I have no idea if his head hurts, if his throat hurts, or if he’s feeling achey all over. I tend to assume he’s feeling all of the above – but I can’t do much except for to let it run its course. Poor little guy.

I knew, as soon as I saw his nose, that we were in for it later that night. Sure enough, we began to put him to sleep at 8:15, and by 11:15, he hadn’t slept longer than about 20 minutes total – and we probably tried to get him down five times by then. I nursed him for the third time since 8:15 and told Ryan that if he put him back down for me (Jack was kicking and screaming when I tried to let him sleep in our bed with me), that I’d take care of him as soon as he woke up again. I ended up bringing him back into bed with us around 3:30, and found out later that morning that Ryan had stayed up until 1:30 trying to get him calm so he could sleep. Needless to say, it was a very trying night for all of us! We were up by 6:45, mostly because Jack decided to lift up his head while he was still mostly asleep and then let it fall on MY head, which caused me to wake up suddenly and cry out in pain because I thought someone had just smacked me in the head with a mallet. Good morning, huh??

I’m happy to say, though, that although he’s still pretty snotty, he seems to be doing better today. He’s not violently rubbing his nose or crying out quite as much as yesterday. We walked to the Pancake House and to the grocery store this morning, and stayed home from church to give him some downtime (and to spare any other children from catching his bug). I just hope he continues to feel better – and that we get some decent sleep tonight!

I’m always sad when one of us gets sick because it almost always means that we’ll all get sick before it’s truly out of our house. Sickness, why did you have to come?!


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