Time for Change

This was an amazingly productive weekend – but not in the way you would think. I feel like I’ve overcome huge mental blocks and I have words for the issues I’ve been tackling. Ahh, feels good!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I found out last week that I have a Type Nine personality. This has revealed a lot to me, personally, about how I function. So far, the most important thing I think I’ve realized is my tendency to “numb out” with sleep. I don’t actually think to myself, I’m going to sleep so that I can escape all of the intricacies of life, but I realize that I do it subconsciously. I often feel tired (which, of course, can partly be attributed to my infant’s random sleep schedule, but I’m talking even before I had him), and even when I’ve had 8+ hours of sleep, I seem to “need” more and more.
Yesterday, I read through the Type Nine description in The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson (note: it’s a very spiritual, “frou-frou”, tad bit off-color, strange type of book but you just have to take the good and leave the bad…). The sleep thing really stuck out to me in that book, too. The more I read, the more I felt convicted to do something about it.
So, last night, I decided to commit to waking up sometime between 7 and 7:30am every morning. Not only will this help me to quit depending on sleep so much (and it may even prove that I don’t “need” as much sleep as I think), but it will also give me some alone time to spend praying, reading my Bible, and enjoying a nice cup of coffee or tea. I began the new routine this morning and it felt great. I got up a little before 7:30 and left Ryan and Jack sleeping in our bed. I made some tea (into which I put too much honey [I was tired!]), decided not to drink it, and spent a little under an hour having some quiet time with the Lord. Ryan came out with Jack around 8:30, made some coffee that I chose to partake in, and then we all showered and got ready for our day.
Even better, after Ryan went to work, I sat down and worked on my very own weekly housekeeping schedule! I know it’s probably something many moms do, but I haven’t created one ever, and I was reading a recent post over at Mom and Us that really encouraged me to do so. Here’s the end result:
Dust; vacuum all carpeted rooms
Wipe down kitchen counters
Wash, dry, & put away laundry (including diapers)
Wash & dry our sheets; make our bed
Water plants
Clean bathrooms
Sweep kitchen, bathrooms, entry, and guest room
Mop kitchen floor
Tidy my bedroom/sewing area
Plan weekly menu
Water plants
Clean kitchen (fridge, stovetop, hood, oven fronts, sink, take out trash)
Wash, dry, & put away laundry (including diapers)
Vacuum living/dining area
Weekly grocery shopping
Water plants
Tidy bathrooms and clean if necessary
Sweep kitchen, bathrooms, and entry
Tidy my bedroom/sewing area
Water plants
Dust; vacuum all carpeted rooms
Wash, dry & put away laundry (including diapers)
Wipe down kitchen counters
Water plants
Sweep kitchen, bathrooms, and entry
Clean my bathroom only
Tidy my room/sewing area
Water plants
Odd jobs (baseboards, closets, clean fans, clean windows, etc)
And that about does it! I’ve already started on my chores today – I’ve vacuumed (unfortunately, I neglected to dust before I vacuumed! Ugh!) and I’ve already got two loads of laundry finished. My kitchen wasn’t used at all yesterday, and Ryan cleaned it pretty well on Saturday, so I might give it a little wipe-down but it won’t require much, except for unloading the dishwasher. Nice.
Jack also had an interesting weekend! Over the last two days, he has managed to slam his cheek against the side of the pool, obtaining a bruise across his cheekbone, above his lip, and on his nose, he somehow fell forward while bathing in the sink at my parents’ house (they have a super-huge sink) and hit his forehead, he slipped while playing by the couch and fell face first against the couch and slid downward (didn’t obtain any injuries except for maybe a slight rug burn) and today, his feet somehow were swept out from under him and he smacked the underside of his chin onto the wicker ottoman. I know there’s one other thing that gave him some sort of strange injury, but I can’t remember (he’s napping right now, otherwise I’d take a look at his face and I’d remember where each of his bruises and bumps and scrapes came from).
Finally, I’d like to say THANK YOU to those of you who posted comments regarding the cloth pads. I got comments from a couple of you for the first time, which was really nice, and I definitely felt encouraged to continue to craft my pattern! On Saturday night (after Ryan bought me a great table for my very own sewing station in our room! Pictures to come!), I think I might have finally perfected my pattern. I decided on two different patterns and made them both to see which one I preferred, and the last one definitely seemed best. I’m going to make a couple of inserts and decide on which kind of fastener I want to use (I’ve had lots of trouble with the darn hammer-on snaps), and after that, I’ll post some more pictures. If I get good feedback on the most recent pattern, I’ll make a whole bunch and decide when to host my giveaway! So be sure to check back!
I hope you are all enjoying your Monday!

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One response to “Time for Change

  1. Lindsey Elizabeth Burke

    First of all one thing I am looking forward to about not working IS having a housekeeping schedule for myself (how exciting am I?!)!! I think it will make me feel great because it’s knocking something off of a list of to-do’s! And…Jack and his bruised up face! I can totally relate! Ever since Eli has ventured into trying to walk on his own he eats floor all the time! He is healing from his first black eye, has busted his lip a few times from falling on the tile/wood floors…and every time it kind of makes me want to cry! But, I know he is a boy (who is almost ONE-where has the past year gone?) and will attain many more bumps, bruises and scrapes along the way!
    Good job on your cleaning schedule! I might just copy YOU! 🙂

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