C.P. Photos – still not for you, men!

All right, so, I only got around to making one attempt yesterday. Nobody likes a disclaimer, but I’m gonna give you one, anyway. I’m still getting used to my machine, and unfortunately, I haven’t gotten the hang of the tension, so the upper right side of the pad, as you can see, is a bit crooked because as I was sewing, I realized the thread was bunching up underneath and then I had to start over and then….and..and…okay. It’s all right. It’s my first attempt – if I sell them, I promise they’ll be better quality. 🙂

Here it is, upside down. The two flaps wrap around the panties and velcro together – I’d rather use snaps, and I plan to, but the snaps I bought were not cooperating so I just decided to sew on some velcro. There is a overlapped pocket straight down the middle, as you can see, and that’s where you would add extra padding depending on your flow. I have already sewn a thick terrycloth pad on the inside, where you can’t see it. So, for lighter days, you probably wouldn’t even need extra padding.

This is the top of the pad. Pretty simple (ugh, that crooked seam is killing me).

This is what the pad would look like if you open the flaps on the underside.

This is the inside of the padding pocket. 

And, finally, this is what it looks like as you open/close the flaps.
So, there you have it. I’m still interested in any thoughts/opinions you all may have. Is this the kind of thing you would buy? If I got around to selling them, I’d also include padding inserts of the same or coordinating fabric. I’d probably end up creating some sort of zip-up carrying bag for soiled/fresh pads, as well.
I’m going back to my mom’s today so that I can perfect my design. I’ve bought several (ridiculously adorable!!!) flannel prints and I plan to create some inserts to go along with them. Like I said yesterday, I will likely do a giveaway of some of the primary designs soon because I really need feedback before I start making them en masse.
(Oh, and a note about Jack – he is STANDING now! I’m not talking cruising, I’m talking standing – all by himself! It usually only lasts about 10 seconds, but wow. I can’t believe it! He’s also got 6 teeth. Where has my baby gone??!)


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8 responses to “C.P. Photos – still not for you, men!

  1. Katie

    I love it! Cute fabric, great design, Rissa! I like so much that you’re using something soft and natural like cotton flannel instead of polyester fleece.

    Jack is standing?! Shiloh is rocking on her hands and knees… they must be partners in crime.

  2. LaPilvia

    Really, cute fabric indeed.
    I’m somewhat on the crafty side do I was planning to try and sew one myself. I wish to give cloth pads a try as well, I am always having issues with the temperature, since except for one single day of drowning I have a very light flow.
    Your post was real inspiration.

    And your boy (or should I say man now?) is wonderful.

  3. lalalauren

    Rissa, I think this is fantastic! I would definitely buy some from you. Have fun crafting!

  4. Lindsey Elizabeth Burke

    Cute fabric. I don’t think I could do the cloth pads. But have plenty of friends that do. So if you do sell them, I could pass the word around here in Atlanta! 🙂

  5. birthhappy

    They look good! I would try cp’s, because of the health benefits.

  6. Adventures In Babywearing

    Oh, it’s so pretty!! Ha! : )


  7. Kristin

    I’ve always joked about these with my sister, but I really think I would like them better than the disposable kind. (Of course, between being pregnant I can’t try them out. Too bad! :-))

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