This and That

* I have finally given up on the sleep thing. No longer will I sit up with Jack, nurse him, and put him back in his own bed. From now on, I’m just bringing him to bed with us. Yes, my letdown takes longer especially when I lay down, and yes, he’s a super squirmy little thing, but I’m just too tired. For the last few nights, this has actually worked quite well. We reorganized our room – now my side of the bed is against the wall, and that means I don’t need to use a pillow there in fear that Jack will roll off.

* I just realized that Jack really should be eating more food right now. A few months back, I posted about some food issues we were dealing with. In the end, I decided to back off just a bit and let Jack eat food only when he was showing obvious interest. There were some days he wanted more than others, so I got into a nice, predictable rhythm – I always made sure I had a container of Cheerios, and when we went out, I’d pack a banana or another easy piece of fruit. Most nights, I fed him some kind of chunkily pureed vegetable and maybe some bread, or oatmeal with bananas or applesauce. Lately, in the back of my mind, I’ve been considering the fact that he’ll be 1 soon and maybe it was time to increase his solid food intake. Some things I’ve noticed – if I give him a lot of food, he just eats and eats and eats. He always wants more. He is also very aware of when we have food, and cries if we’re eating something that we aren’t sharing with him (obviously this doesn’t mean I let him eat everything I eat :). He loves sitting in his highchair while we eat meals, and most of the time, if I go a few hours without giving him food, he gets exceptionally cranky. These are all very obvious cues, as far as I’m concerned. Last night, at my parents house, he ate like crazy! I chopped up half of a small chicken breast and he ate it all, along with some broccoli, bread, a few bites of potatoes, and a sippy cup of water. Only an hour before that, I had fed him half a nectarine, a quarter of a banana and some Cheerios. So…basically, I think he’s ready. He’s still very, very into nursing. We haven’t decreased or increased how much we nurse, but he doesn’t seem to be disinterested in the least. Does anyone have some good suggestions for easy, small meals that I can spread throughout the day? I’ve been feeding him off of my plate a lot, but when I eat salads or spicy foods (which we’ve been eating a lot of), I can’t really share with him. At this point, I’ve got nectarines, bananas, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, cheddar cheese, bread, Cheerios, graham crackers, honey ham, and leftover chicken (we eat chicken on a pretty regular basis so there’s almost always leftovers!).
* Last weekend, I got permission to do anything I want to my yard! I’ve slowly been planting things on one side of my front yard, but there wasn’t anything there before I planted so I knew it wasn’t a big deal. Now, I want to move onto the area that has ugly shrubs and overgrown rose bushes and random square topiary type bushes. My landlady was here last weekend and she said she likes what I’ve done so far and I am free to rip up whatever I want! I’m going to take this even further and possibly construct some raised beds for the side of the apartment as well! I can’t wait!
* The other day, Allie was at Home Depot and found a bucket of light sage green “oops” paint for $5! She couldn’t get a hold of us, so she just bought it – and I am so, so excited! I’ve been wanting to paint our kitchen/dining room/living room this color but we haven’t really had the $ to put toward paint. But $5?? Who can beat that?! I also found out that my aunt has a bucket of coordinating darker sage green that I can have – which means I can do some accent walls as well. Yippee!
* On Thursday, we went to a new homegroup! I’m pretty excited about it. It starts at 6 and only goes till 8, so we all eat dinner together, worship, study, pray, and then get home in time for the kids’ bedtimes. It’s basically a homegroup for young families – I’m so glad we are meeting more people in our life stage!
* Our weekend is going really well. Ryan didn’t have to go into work on Thursday, and my aunt came down and hung out with her three youngest, my mom, Jack, and me at my apartment. On Friday, my mom, Ryan, Jack and I all went to the Lucky Store for their twice yearly half-off sale. Some of you may know that the Lucky Store is my favorite store of all time. I got to go on a shopping spree for Mother’s Day last month, and yesterday, we were able to by ourselves a pair of jeans each, as well as some t-shirts, a new belt, and a necklace for myself that I am in love with. I am so grateful. It’s not often that we can buy clothes – and when we do, I love buying clothes that I feel so great in. Thank you, Jesus! 🙂 Today, we’ve been relaxing – I’ve got chili in the crockpot and we’ve just been sitting around, enjoying ourselves. Tomorrow, we have church, and then we’re going to one of our favorite medditeranean restaurants, Rosine’s, for Father’s Day, and then we’re going to our friends’ wedding reception! I love happy, busy days like that….especially after a happy, low-key day like today (and yesterday…and the day before! Ah!).
* Oh, and last night, I made a discovery. We put Jack down after dinner and then my dad, Ryan and I all went to a bar where our friends and their other friends were celebrating someone’s birthday. I wanted to go because I haven’t gone out like that since before Jack was born. It was basically a dive bar, but because of that, it was cool in its own way. I’ve never really been one to go to bars but, I felt the need to get out for a while. Eventually, Ryan and I got bored and decided to go search for somewhere to get a snack. We left my dad there and began to drive around, and as we did, it hit me. This is so not my scene. I don’t want to be out. I want to be sleeping. I want to be curled up in bed – not at that bar, where the music is blaring, where people are everywhere, and where it’s dirty and uncomfortable. I don’t get enough sleep as it is. I want to be at home with my baby and my husband. I told Ryan – I’m so over the part of my life where that might have actually been exciting! I’d much rather enjoy a nice glass of wine in the comfort of my own home, or maybe at a nice restaurant. For others, that may be enjoyable for whatever reason. I, myself, have moved onto being a homebody. 🙂 There. That was my discovery. 
All right, I’m done rambling for the day! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Lindsey Elizabeth Burke

    Regarding the food stuff with Jack…Eli eats like a horse! Some days he eats more than other, but I feed him some substantial at Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, but between Breakfast and Lunch I give him a snack. Banana, strawberries…some kind of fruit usually. And I feed Eli pretty much EVERYTHING I eat. I mean, not peanut butter or stuff he’s not supposed to eat yet. But, spaghetti, hamburger (just the meat), mexican food…he eats it all! I didn’t like the idea of having to make 2 different meals every time I cook. And I didn’t want him to get used to not eating what John and I eat. And if I saute veggies with seasoning, I give that to him too. I don’t alter food much because I want him to be used to eating what we eat. (I think I may have said that…sorry if I did, pregnant brain) I think you are doing a great job and since Jack has teeth I bet you could phase out the pureed stuff. I stopped doing that for Eli at about 9 months, obviously not giving him an uncooked piece of broccoli or something hard to eat like that. But peas are always easy for a baby to eat. Eli squishes it between his fingers prior to putting it into his mouth. And yes, I said ‘it’ because he eats them one by one!
    I hope you don’t feel like I am trying to tell you what to do…I just want to encourage you that Jack can eat whole food that doesn’t need to be pureed all the time! Easy schmeezy for you!! 😉

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