A Peaceful Fullness

Jack has recently begun to dance. Be it a simple guitar strum, a heavy metal band, or a toy that plays music – he’s dancing away the second he hears it. I love it. He either stands against something and bobs up and down, sits on his knees and moves back and forth, or puts him self in the crawling position and rocks…and he does this all with one hand in the air, regardless of his position. It’s hilarious! I just love watching his seemingly rather quick development lately. He’s learning so much right now. He even says, “Duh-duh,” when he sees my parents’ cat, Doug (we always call him “Doug-Doug,” which is why I think Jack says that). It’s interesting because his “Duh-duh” sounds significantly different than his “Da-da,” which he clearly understands to mean “Daddy.” He calls me “Mama” pretty frequently now, especially when he wants to nurse (picture this: he crawls over to me, pulls himself up on my legs, and says, “Mama, Mama, Maaa-ma!” until I nurse him. Oh, my heart melts!). Of course, I’m sure all babies do this, but I love it that my baby does it….you know? 🙂 I love this little person!
Now, onto my dashing husband. He’s great. I love him. He’s amazing. And sweet. And did I mention he’s great? 🙂 This morning, when I woke up, I was struck with an overwhelming sense of comfort. And a sense of being very loved. I so admire Ryan for going to work each day, regardless of the fact that he may be tired, or simply that he doesn’t want to go. I admire him for pushing through difficult jobs at work, and for coming home after sometimes 12-hour days to help me with Jack as I make dinner. I love it that he enjoys giving Jack his nightly bath, and I really can’t express how grateful I am that he helps put Jack to bed when he can. Even after all that, he spends time with me, talks to me, laughs with me, and gives me some much-needed adult interaction. 🙂 He’s a good man – he gives a lot of himself so that Jack and I can be at home together. In the kind of world we live in today, that’s not the norm. I am proud that my husband is “abnormal” 🙂 in that regard!
I’ve been wishing I had some kind of outlet each week – some time that I could spend either in fellowship or just serving. It’s been a while since I’ve been involved with church stuff due to the fact that we are going to a new church. However, my mom brought up an idea that she has for our new church (they’re going to the new church we’re going to – have I mentioned that before?). At the church, there is a benevolence ministry that gives food and other grocery items to families in need each week. Well, my mom (and apparently a woman we know who attends the church as well) had this idea to start a garden on the church grounds. Basically, it would be a huge organic fruit and vegetable garden where members of the church could serve by taking turns tending and harvesting. Then, on the days when families in need come to pick up their groceries, they could also have access to great organic produce. When my mom told me about this, I got really excited. Granted, it would take a lot of planning, and we’d need to set up a day for all the men to come and break up the ground. But I really hope Travis (our pastor) has vision for this because I think it could be really wonderful.
My excitement is twofold – I think it would be so beneficial for these families to have fresh, organic foods as opposed to solely packaged foods, and, I feel like this will be somewhere I can serve! I’ve been asking and asking for the Lord to open up a place for me. I feel like I’ve been looking for so long. It’s hard to be a part of a very musical family – they always know exactly where they’re meant to serve and I tend to feel torn. I feel like I have various talents, but it’s hard to see where they can be used to bless others. I’ve just recently begun my own mini-garden (it’s not much, mostly herbs and edible flowers) but it’s something I really love. The idea of gardening and serving at the same time makes me giddy! So….I’m praying that this will come to be.
One more thing before I go: for a while, I was noticing that occasionally, a hummingbird would come to my garden for a moment and then fly away. I told my mom and last week, she bought me a hummingbird feeder to hang in front of my huge dining room window (which is where my garden is planted). And now, I am proud to say that I have three little hummingbirds visiting my feeder very frequently! They’re there so often that they even “yell” at me when I water the plants because I’m in their way. It’s so funny! I just wanted to share – hopefully I will get a picture of one of them soon.
These are the kinds of things that make my heart happy. 🙂


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