The Weather, a Date, and Some Colds

I can’t recall, in all my millions (20+) years of living in California, the weather ever being this unpredictable. Seriously. On Sunday, it was 102 degrees. Today, it’s 53 degrees with rain and thunderstorms. It’s been so completely random the past couple of weeks – I really don’t know what to think. I just recently bought a bunch of summer clothes. Now, I’m wearing one of the two sweaters I have. This is not working for me!………I do have to say, though, that at least we’re not getting totally burnt out (ha, burnt out! Get it??) on hot weather. Yet.

Today, Ryan and I are going on an afternoon date. 🙂 We’re going to start doing this once a week, as prescribed by our counselor. I’m super excited. He’s going to take a half day and we’re going to get some lunch, see a movie, and possibly go get pedicures. “Wait, did you just say pedicures, Mama Rissa?!” Why, yes, I did! For our anniversary, I told Ryan I wanted us to get pedicures together. Seriously, people, I’ve been lacerated by his toenails before. We didn’t have the cashish to get them done that day, so we decided to wait. Then, the other night, Ryan asked me if I wouldn’t mind taking care of Jack whenever he woke up so that Ryan could catch up on some much-needed sleep. So I did, and the next morning, when he woke me to kiss me goodbye, he whispered, “Thanks for the sleep. I’ll make it up to you – pedicures!” So…if we have time, we’re doin’ it. We may have to wait till next week, though. We’ll see. I’m giddy over the whole idea.
You know how I said Jack has a cold? Well, he still has it, and so do both my parents and I. I knew as soon as he got sick that I wouldn’t be far behind. Last night, I went to bed and as I was laying there, I noticed the throat tingle. You know what I’m talking about? It’s that first subtle, teasing sign that you’re about to get sick. This morning, it was even stronger, and was accompanied by a runny nose and lots of sneezes. Oh boy. Looks like I need to drink some Kombucha.
All right, the bub is awake – he’s calling for me to save him from his crib!


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3 responses to “The Weather, a Date, and Some Colds

  1. Katie

    It’s warmer here than there?!? The earth must be spinning off it’s axis! It’s 62 today and I’m in a tank top.. haha – not because 62 is warm, but more because I’m cleaning 😉

    feel better!

    (60 more days!!)

  2. Jane

    Hey mama! I HAVE A BLOG NOW! I’m so glad you and Ryan are doing regular dates, sounds like fun… how did it go? did you indeed get pedi’s? I think I’m going to throw together a quick blog to post all the pictures from breakout, so that you can finally see them. I’ll get that set up, and let you know when it’s ready. Miss you!

  3. Jane

    Okay, I did it… there is now a blog full of photos of Breakout. just go to you can get to it via my blog. 🙂

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