Oh, Monday.

Well, here I am again, halfway through yet another Monday. Most of the time, I’m still trying to process the last week when the new one begins!
We had a lot going on last week. Ryan’s parents were in town for a few days and I’m sure you know how difficult it can be to keep up on housework when there are guests to tend to. I went to bed each night thinking, “What happened to my house?” And in the mornings, it always looked worse. I think it probably has something to do with my little crawling machine. 🙂 Here’s a slightly fuzzy picture of him attempting to stand up against the coffee table (he was successful!):

I also thought this was pretty funny…Ryan was picking up some clothes, and Jack was hanging out on the bed, so he threw them all over Jack. He was entertained for a little while…then he got serious 🙂
And here is a picture of my baby, looking more and more like a big boy. He’s getting so long and skinny – he looks significantly different than he did only two months ago! He’s quickly losing his amazingly chubby cheeks…I’m sad, but I guess he wouldn’t like to have those cheeks forever. 

In regards to our sleep situation, I think I see light at the end of the tunnel. We just recently discovered a book called the No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley. It’s basically a middle ground in the world of baby sleep books – it’s not a cry-it-out method, and it’s not a sacrifice-your-sleep-for-your-child’s-best-interest method either. It’s a book that clearly explains ways to slowly (sometimes, very slowly) teach your baby to sleep through the night. She presents all different “tools” and then, halfway through the book, she has you create your own plan incorporating whichever tools you decide to use. You complete a sleep log every 10 days to track your progress, and basically….it’s impossible to fail (or so the book claims). She tested 60 mamas and their babies. By day 10, 40% (approximately) of the babies were sleeping through the night. By day 60, 92% of the babies were sleeping through the night. It’s a very informative book. She’s endorsed by Dr. Sears, which is nice to know. I don’t agree with everything he endorses or promotes, but I think the man does have some wisdom, and it’s nice to know that this woman, Elizabeth Pantley, has a professional backing her. So far, the tools we have been incorporating into naptime and bedtime and any awake time in the middle of the night have worked very well. Jack seems to be getting into the swing of things and it’s only been a few days. Last night, he only woke up once (that’s in contrast to the first night, where he woke up 4 times, and the longest stretch of sleep was only 3 & 1/2 hours). So if you’re having issues getting your baby to sleep, I’d suggest checking this book out! I will continue to post any progress that we make…
I feel the need to write this. I don’t know why. Things are shifting for us (as in Ryan and me). We recently began attending a new church (it’s still in the same church family as our previous church, it’s just a different city). We really feel like we were clearly called out of our former church and we think God has opened to door to attend this new church. But we’re in a transitional phase, and our feelings toward “doing church” like we always have are changing. Church has not felt relevant to us for a very long time (church, not Jesus. Jesus is always relevant to us, whatever season we’re in). It has been a difficult season, because more than anything I want a community to call “home,” and people to worship and fellowship with. We feel like we may have found that, but we are reluctant to fully commit because we need this to be different. I’m earnestly praying that we will become aware, somehow, of whether or not this is where we belong. Our need for community seems to outweigh the apprehension. But I just can’t keep playing around. I want to live in love and I want to reach to the people. I want to serve…I want to see God’s hand move. I want to be Jesus to the people who need to see Jesus. I’ve been longing for this…but for some reason, we haven’t been able to find a place to do this.
So right now, that’s my prayer. “Where do we belong?” We’ve gone so far as to say that if this church doesn’t work out, we’re going a more traditional route. I would love to be more involved in the church calendar, I would love to sing hymns, I would love to experience more of the liturgical stuff. But we don’t know if that’s where we belong. Oh…….transition. I wish I was better at this.
I will leave you and this very random post now. I wish I could be more precise and maybe a little clearer, but I guess I’m not in the mood to edit everything. I’ll write again soon!

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