Guilty of blog neglect

Well, well! Look at me, the neglecter of all blog neglecters. I’m sorry. I started this same post last week, so the date is wrong. I’m actually posting this on the 6th of May. Since I’ve last written, quite a few things have taken place! For one, Jack is (finally) crawling!! I can’t believe it…I was beginning to think he was going to skip crawling. We also had our 2-year wedding anniversary on April 29th, which was wonderful! Jack now has three teeth (two lower, one upper), and I can see the next one coming in! And, to top it off, tomorrow, Jack will be 10 months old. Where does all the time go?
Before I move on, I’ve taken some in-action crawling pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Getting into things already!

He’s on a mission to capture my phone…

 Frantic, excited Jack, crawling like there’s no tomorrow…

Getting closer…

 And he got me!
Honestly, this kid amazes me. He reaches milestones a bit slower than most, but each time he does, it’s like we’re fast-forwarding through all the details. He didn’t crawl till he was 9 & 3/4 months old, but the minute he started, he did it like a pro. It’s unbelievable. Today, he’s started to “cruise.” He’s had a few mishaps but I’m just impressed that he’s trying. Good for you, Jack’mo!
On our anniversary, we had the whole day to ourselves (my mom took Jack and I just visited to nurse him). It was a great day. We decided to go to Home Depot to look for some paint for our guest/computer/music room and we ended up choosing a hue of orange called Pumpkin. And that’s exactly what it looks like! It’s exactly what I wanted. We also went to Borders and picked up this amazing (and amazingly huge) bird book (it has paintings and drawings of birds from all different artists) that was discounted to $19.99. We’ve chosen a few pages that we really love and we’re going to frame those pictures and put them on the walls in the extra room. You see, that room (along with Jack’s room) has some moulding about a quarter of the way up the walls. We’re painting the lower part with the orange and leaving the rest white. To make up for the whiteness, we’ll frame those pictures and get (make) some vibrant colored curtains. It’s sort of hard to explain, but it’s a very vibey, classy look. I’ll take a picture once I’m finished – I’m right in the middle of painting right now.
In other news, along with all of Jack’s developmental changes, he’s stopped sleeping through the night again. I mean, not that he was really completely sleeping through the night before, but now, instead of waking up once, he wakes up predictably at three different times: 10pm, 2am, and 4am. He wants to nurse each time, and by 4am I usually keep him in bed with me because he tends to fully wake up if we try to put him back in his crib at that point. This is becoming really hard for me. Had I known the benefits of cosleeping when he was first born, we may have started him in our bed with us. However, we didn’t know, so we quickly got used to sleeping without him (seeing as he slept a solid 10 hours straight in his own bed from 2 months to 5 months old). Ever since we moved back to CA, he’s been sleeping terribly and nothing we do helps. If we try to keep him in our bed all night, he sleeps badly, and so do we. If we just put him in our room near us, we constantly wake him up. In his crib, he wakes up at the times I listed above. It’s just really hard. I don’t know what to do. When he started eating solids, it seemed to help. But then it went back to the way it was. I know there are others with even more difficult sleep issues…but this has been hard for us. I’m one of those people who literally gets sick without the right amount of sleep, and Ryan’s the type who can’t fall alseep easily once he’s up in the middle of the night. It’s not a good combination.
Something good is happening, though. If you read my post about food issues with Jack, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I’m proud to announce that I completely stopped feeding him jarred foods, and now that I make everything fresh, he eats almost anything. The other day he ate a full baby-sized container of steamed, pureed asparagus! He eats green beans, peas, yams, sweet potatoes, carrots, and pretty much everything I give him. I still give him a good amount of fruits because I’m not really worried at this point that it will deter him from the veggies. I’m so grateful! When I talked to my aunt about the issue, she was really funny. She just said, “Stop feeding him jarred food! It’s gross! Have you ever tasted it??” I guess for babies that start on jars, it makes no difference. But my issue was that I started him with fresh food, and then went to jars. Silly Mama. So anyway….victory! 🙂
Well, I can hear baby noises coming from Jack’s room, so I guess I’ll go rescue him from naptime. I promise I won’t be MIA again any time soon! Thanks for reading!

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