God at work

I get so excited to see God at work! Something cool happened this weekend…

I believe that the Holy Spirit speaks to us, sometimes, with words or pictures. Yesterday, I feel like he spoke to me with both.
There is a certain person I was praying for last night as I rocked my son to sleep. She was heavy on my heart – she’s not a Christian, and as far as she’s concerned, she’s not in need of a Savior. She isn’t broken, she is uninterested in what will happen when she dies. She believes she should focus on this life, not what comes after it.
Initially, it was really hard for me to hear those things from her. I wanted to argue, I wanted to explain that God is relevant, that he loves her, that he sent his Son to die for her. I wanted to explain why we need him and why we shouldn’t place so much hope in this life, which is but a moment compared to the eternity we will spend in Heaven with the King of kings. But something kept me from that. I tried to think of what I could say at the time, but my mind was blank. Nothing.
As I fervently prayed for her last night, the Lord spoke to me very clearly about her. It was amazing – I was touched. I was moved emotionally by how much he cares for this daughter of his – she rejects him, yet he draws nearer still.
First, I saw a picture of this girl sitting in a chair, talking with some people about Christianity and why she doesn’t care for it. I saw a person (I knew it was the Holy Spirit) whispering to her. It filled my heart with peace. He’s begun his work in her.
Then, I saw her in the same chair, but this time, there was this very, very tall angel standing behind her, with his hands on her shoulders, almost like he was protecting her. The angel said, “I’ll take care of her.”
Lastly, I simply heard the Lord say, “I give new life.”
All of those, in a row! I was amazed. I wept. How good is our God? How loving, how forgiving. He doesn’t care how many times we push him away. He keeps coming back. We are his beloved.
So, today, I prayed for this girl some more. And it occurred to me – it is not my job to convince her that she needs Jesus. I can’t! It is my job to love her. It’s up to the Holy Spirit to reveal himself to her – in his timing! The best I can do is love this girl, and in doing that, I am showing her who Jesus is. In doing that, I am a living, breathing testimony of God’s commitment to her as his daughter. I show her no judgement. I am not the Judge, he is. He has a plan, and a perfect one, at that. I am called to love.
God is at work. He is so, so good.
“But I trust in your unfailing love;
my heart rejoices in your salvation.
I will sing to the Lord,
for he has been good to me.”
Psalm 13:5-6

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