Any ideas?

I need some ideas from all of you out there! Ryan and I have been discussing ways of incorporating family devotions/prayer etc into our every day lives. So far, we have our own personal time with the Lord each day, but I have a strong desire to spend time TOGETHER, reading the Word and praying and just making sure we’re on the same page. Eventually, this will turn into a devotional time that involves Jack, and then the rest of our children. I’m not looking for a book to go through – I’m more just thinking that we need ideas for when (morning, evening?), how to make sure it’s not something we’re tempted to put off, and if there are any ideas about how to get little ones involved. I would really appreciate some input!!

Also, I will be posting again, later today or tomorrow, with a photo of a brand new, special, amazing, BEAUTIFUL machine I just recently got. Can you guess what kind of machine?! I’m giddy with excitement!!!!


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  1. helpmeetintraining

    Thank you so much for the information you posted on my blog! And I will be praying for wisdom and clarity for your family.

    We have family devotionals at breakfast when we are all seated calmly together. My husbands works nights so he is not home for dinner. If your husband is not home for breakfast, then maybe dinner would work better. We like having them in the morning though because the kids are alert but not distracted or hyper from the excitment of the day. And we do have the kids sit in and listen even though they are small because they are really never too young to hear the Word of God!

    Family devotionals are such a blessing, I hope you are able to find a time that works for your family 🙂


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