When it rains…

I’m feeling very pensive. I’ve had the desire to update this blog all day today, but I have been struck by how little I can really say at this point. A lot of things are changing for us right now. Things are good – but I feel like, for the first time in my life, I’m finally starting to understand ME. It’s exhausting! Changing and growing take a lot of work.

As Ryan and I were driving home from my parents’ house tonight, we were discussing some of the issues we’re trying to work through as a family. And I just kept thinking about how TIRED I feel! I wish I could write everything out, right here, right now. Of course I can’t – but I guess my point is – well, could you pray for me? I know it’s vague, but all I’m asking is that God would give me wisdom and the ears to hear what he’s telling me (us) to do. I long to watch his will unfold in my life. I know he has huge things planned.

I find it so strange that it’s hardest to sleep when, though you’re exhausted, you have so much on your mind that the idea of sleep is almost laughable. Not that you don’t want it – but who sleeps when there are 2,213,767,940 things on their mind?!?



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