Tag, you’re it.

Here’s how you play. Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a post with 10 weird, random things, facts, habits or goals about yourself.

Here are mine!

1. I’m (basically) deathly afraid of fish. I don’t swim in the ocean, and I REALLY have to talk myself into getting into a river or a lake. If I see fish anywhere, I’m OUT. I don’t eat them, either.

2. I lived in Mexico at an orphanage (where I helped) for six months when I was 18. And yes, I speaka the Spanish.

3. Correct grammar, punctuation, context of words and spelling are very important to me. I like to be told when I am misusing a word, punctuating something wrong, and so on. When I see any of the previous done incorrectly, it really bothers me! Typos drive me cray-zay!

4. I want to have many, many children (Lord willing) and I really hope (along with my husband) to adopt one day (sooner or later).

5. My first (and only, so far) tattoo comes from an infant onesie bought for Jack by my parents at House of Blues on Sunset.

6. My next planned tattoo comes from a children’s shirt at the Lucky Store. Hmm, interesting. 🙂

7. I love to create and beautify – paint, draw, sew, embroider, crochet – I finally learned how to knit!!! – and I just started my first garden.

8. My favorite food is kalamata olives. I could eat them by the bucketful.

9. Ryan and I already have 10 different names chosen for our future children (11, if you count Jack Dempsey), if we’re blessed with that many. We’ve always agreed on names – I feel very fortunate for that! At the rate we’re going, we’ll surely have more names picked out in a few months! 😉

10. Several months ago, we decided to cloth diaper for a few reasons: 1, have you ever read about how long it takes for plastic diapers to decompose? Gross! 2, it saves us hundreds of dollars per year. 3, we love Jack’s little cloth diapered bum. And 4, we have been trying to make some changes to our lifestyle in order to keep our bodies and this world a little happier and healthier.

*BONUS 11. My dream home is a farmhouse on several acres of land. We want a barn that we can turn into a recording studio/guesthouse for Ryan’s production work, and we want to raise chickens, and we want to grow our own produce (among other things, like possibly have a cow). I really feel like this is something the Lord has spoken to me about AND has a plan to fulfill.

If you’re reading this and haven’t been tagged yet, consider yourself tagged!


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