Goodbye California, hello New York!

….Well, for a few days, anyway! πŸ™‚

I’m sitting here in the airport with Ryan and Jack while we wait to board our flight. I keep looking at the two of them, thinking, “Man I love those guys!” I am truly grateful.

I’ve been really struck by how thankful I feel lately. Isn’t it always a challenge to be thankful, regardless of the circumstance? I’ve always thought so. Yet lately, my thankfulness just seems to ooze out of me. I’m finding myself talking to God about it without even realizing it. It’s amazing…amazing that I have a husband who loves me and works so hard to provide for us, amazing that I have such a beautiful, fun, (mostly) happy son, amazing that I get to be a stay-at-home-mom at the age of 21, amazing that I have a great, cheap, huge apartment…AMAZING. It’s so easy to be grateful at times like these. I just pray that God would help me have a thankful heart even when things aren’t so simple.

For now, though, I’m feeling joyful.

So here we go! We’ll be leaving soon…Maybe Jack will be in a nice, calm, happy, quiet mood on the plane…………….yeah right, who am I kidding?! πŸ˜‰


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