No Mo’ ‘Poo and Other Earth-Friendly Thoughts

I’m doing it! I’m giving up shampoo – in other words, I’m going “no ‘poo.” 🙂 I began with the baking soda and apple cider vinegar today and I’m excited! If you’re interested in reading about this “no ‘poo” remedy, go here – It’s pretty cool. The article explains why shampoo can be harmful, gives directions on how to go “no ‘poo,” and lists troubleshooting ideas if you’re having problems making it work.

I have a feeling I’m going to like this!

I’ve been really interested in taking a more natural approach to life. I suppose I never realized how often we come into contact with harmful toxins in our everyday lives…from what we eat, what we wear, to the products we use…the list is endless! I’ve also realized how difficult it is to transition out of using/eating/wearing/etc those things that are so convenient. Man, is it hard! On the other hand, if you have time, google “organic cotton” and read about the differences between organic and conventional cotton. You’ll be amazed by how scary the conventional cotton industry is! Now, that’s not to say that we should throw away all of our conventional cotton clothing – that would be silly. But I do believe in being CONSCIOUS of these things, AND making an effort to minimize our usage whenever possible. Same thing goes for products and food. Ryan and I have decided to only purchase organic meat and dairy, and to try to buy only organic produce whenever possible. We’re slowly phasing out any UN-eco-friendly household cleaners, laundry products, and toxic chemical-ridden bath and body products (and now, phasing out shampoo!). We’re now using cloth diapers for Jack instead of disposables (they’re not only better for Jack, but they’re economical AND fun!). Of course these are just small adjustments, but I believe the rewards are/will be HUGE!

At the risk of sounding like a tree-hugger 🙂 I want to say this: I believe that God has given us this beautiful Earth to enjoy – not to run down and tear apart for the sake of our convenience. I have been convicted regarding this issue and I really feel that it’s important for me to do everything I can to preserve the beautiful land, sea, and air around me! I also believe that I owe it to myself (and my family) to choose products, food, and clothing (when possible) that promote our health and well-being. In the long run, convenience-based products will only harm us.

I’d welcome any of your thoughts regarding these issues! Please know that I’m not trying to place my conviction on anyone else. My goal is simply to share what God’s been doing in my heart, and to hopefully encourage a few along the way.

And, by the way, in my next post or two, I plan on explaining why Ryan and I have chosen, from this point on (and actually, since we got pregnant with Jack) to forgo all forms of contraception – completely. So keep your eyes peeled for this thought-provoking post! 😉



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3 responses to “No Mo’ ‘Poo and Other Earth-Friendly Thoughts

  1. Ruthola

    Hey Rissa,
    You might enjoy the book I am reading right now that I checked out of the library called, “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle”. Barbara Kingsolver, the author and her family chronicle a full year of going organic by growing and raising all the food they eat. It is very interesting, but also sobering when you think about how we are so out of touch with where our food comes from. Babies, however, we DO know where those come from! I know you are a musical family, so is that why the Rhythm method?

  2. Katie

    Oh my.. so many things I want to comment on! I feel 100% the same way you do on pretty much every single thing you wrote. Organic produce is very, very, very expensive out here.. so I’m trying to make good choices when we can. Another friend of mine who lives in CA says organic produce is very easy to come by and not nearly as expensive. I guess this is what happens when you live in a state frozen for half the year! 😛

    We raised our own chickens for meat a few years ago, did I tell you about that? And as soon as we can buy or build a house near my parents (hoping to by their neighbors’ house) we will be able to have dairy goats for our own dairy products!!!

    On the contraception issue, I don’t know what factors influenced your decision but I am VERY interested to hear. I read All The Way Home recently and at the end of my pregnancy Jake and I had many discussions and have been brought to a new place and understanding of God’s design, will, and prosperity for families. But that also includes nursing my babies the way He designed me too, which I have not always done in the past (isn’t 5 kids in 6 years evidence of that?? hehe). So with Shiloh all the experience has been thrown out the window. Doing lots of co-sleeping although she does have her own bed in our room, NO pacifier – ACK!! :-), and plan on nursing exclusively for 8-10 months at least.

    So.. we’ll see how that goes for me 🙂 But I’m exactly where you are. I consider how did God design things and why? Why have we changed the design? In our food, clothing, pregnancies, nursing, etc – why do we do what we do? Who are we ultimately trusting to be wise? Ourselves, the experts, or God? Sheesh.. I could go on about this – but it’s YOUR blog! So I’ll go 🙂 Can’t wait till you get here! I look forward to chatting about all this!

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