So, the question(s) for today is/are: do you/will you tell your kids that Santa exists (existS as in present tense, not talking about the man who used to take presents to people’s doors….he’s been gone a while now :)? What are your reasons? Any strong opinions regarding this subject?

I’m leaning more towards the “no Santa” approach, but I’d like to hear what others have to say on the matter. I grew up “believing in Santa” until one Christmas Eve when I saw my parents sneaking out to the tree with all of our “Santa presents,” and I wasn’t traumatized our surprised. I had suspected it anyhow. I don’t really see why the Santa thing is necessary but I’m willing to hear your thoughts!!

Onto the “here and now” things. I got the flu late Sunday night and have basically been in bed ever since. Fortunately, my mom has a doctor friend who gave us suggestions on how we could fight this flu – I’ve been taking zinc, drinking electrolyte-enhanced water and sleeping as much as possible and I honestly think it’s already leaving me. I’m still a bit breathless and dizzy, and my cough is still there, but I’m feeling SO much better. I’m telling you, never is there a worse time to be sick than when you have an infant – especially one who happens to be an around the clock nurser. You know what I mean? You can’t just tell the kid to be quiet and go back to sleep, you just have to lie there and live with it while the two of you sweat profusely together (as a result of my fever). It was harsh. But I’m thankful that it seems like my body is recovering. I’m definitely giving myself some “time off” though…I’m taking it easy because I want this thing completely out of my system. Especially since Allie’s baby shower is on Saturday. 🙂

I guess now I just need to pray that this thing doesn’t pass on to Ryan and Jack!

Speaking of Jack, that boy gets funnier by the day. When I shower, I put him in his chair in the bathroom in front of the full-length mirror so he can play and look at himself. Lately, when I’ve peeked out the shower door to check on him, he has been giving himself this hilarious sideways smile (think mischievous yet adorable) and raising his right eyebrow only! It’s so funny….he really likes to look at himself. Which, of course, could be a bad thing somewhere down the line, but right now he’s seven months old, and it gives me ten minutes of peace for a shower. 🙂

In closing, I recently found this website that explains how to wash your hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar instead of shampoo (save money, avoid toxic chemicals…..what could be better?). I’m thinking about doing it. Thoughts?



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3 responses to “Santa?

  1. Katie

    My friend Tara is “no-pooing” and her hair looks good! As soon as my shampoo runs out I’m giving it a try. Because let me tell you, if it works well I am never buying shampoo again!!

    As far as Santa goes, we really enjoy this book. It discusses who Saint Nicholas really was, why he gave gifts, and why others give gifts in his name. We don’t hype he kids up about elves and reindeer, but it has helped us find a very delicate, and sweet balance. So that our children aren’t the cynical ones who tell other kids “Santa isn’t real!!”

    We don’t put presents under the tree in Santa’s name, but our stockings are our family’s opportunity to give “Santa” gifts – to give a gift just to show Jesus’ love to each person.

    We’ve wondered for a few years if this would really work.. and the other day Giovanna stumbled into our room as she woke up and I was reading my Bible. She asked me to read to her, so I read from Matthew 6. And after I read verses 3 and 4 she perked up and said “Just like St. Nicholas did, Mom! He gave in secret! I have to go – I need to go be like Jesus and St. Nicholas and do something nice for Nora!”

    🙂 I was thrilled!

    And on a little side note – in a culture that promotes teaching babies to be like little adults I want to encourage you and say : GREAT JOB nursing Jack through the night still! You are investing in him and doing a great job being a Mama! What dedication!

  2. Cherbear

    Hey Riss, glad to see that you’re blogging.

  3. Lindsey Elizabeth Burke

    Santa. I grew up not ‘believing’ in Santa. We never really asked about him. And always knew my parents gave us the gifts. I think it taught us (my 7 siblings and I) to be thankful for what people gave us. I remember asking my Mom why she and my Dad never told us about Santa and she said, “I never wanted you to look back and say, ‘You did lie to me. See. Santa.'”
    I never felt like I missed out on some HUGE part of childhood either. I think it gave me a greater appreciation of gifts and what they mean.

    As far as Eli goes, it is still up for debate in my home. I don’t want him to think that all of his presents come from Santa. I don’t want to ‘lie’ to him. John is thinking differently. So, we’ll see what unfolds this Christmas! I think we’ll end up no Santa Claus in the Burke home!

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